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Compress knee socks with active ions of silver - antibacterial (ions of silver prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, reduce negative odor). Solid material of these compression knee socks increase your performance and allow longer and more intensive training. Knee socks improve blood flow in muscles, tissue oxygenation, reduce muscle damage during prolonged stress and allow faster degradation of lactic acid and thus reduce tiredness. Compression knee socks also help to regenerate faster calf muscles, reduce leg swelling and aching muscles.

Use for sports, long-term impact activities - triathlon, cycling, running, marathon and other endurance sports. Knee socks are also excellent in periods of prolonged standing or sitting, where prevent swelling of the legs. They are ideal for long travel (car, bus, plane). Suitable as prevention of convulsions (promoting blood circulation, minimize shocks). For racing usage is recommend to deploy knee socks about three hours before the race. For the elimination of tiredness after the race, you should have them mounted about another 3 hours or until the pain goes away.

- men's or women's smooth knee socks
- tight with compression function acting on muscles
- antibacterial properties help prevent odor
- fixing strip in the foot
- extra reinforced heel and sole
- 2x tied sandwich binding
- the twisted material ensures high durability

Composition: 70% cotton, 5% elastane, 15% polyester, 10%polypropylene (SILTEX)

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