Delivery Information


1. In the event that the mode of transport is negotiated on the basis of a specific request by the buyer, the buyer bears the risk and any additional costs associated with this form of transport.

2. If the seller under the purchase agreement must deliver the goods at the place designated by the buyer in the purchase order, the buyer is obliged to accept the goods on delivery.

3. In the event that the reasons for which the goods need to be delivered repeatedly or in any other way than stated in the order, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with repeated delivery of goods, respectively. costs associated with other delivery method.

4. Upon receipt of the goods from the carrier, the buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the package and in case of any defects immediately notify the carrier. In the event of a breach reunion package indicative of intrusion into the consignment buyer need not take shipment from the carrier.

5. Other rights and obligations of the parties in the transport of goods can modify special delivery conditions of the seller, if the seller issued.


Shipping is realized by Czech or international mail to the address, in case of missed consignment is stored on a branch post office and ready for your pick up.

In the Czech Republic:
- is charged 3,2 Eur include VAT
- over the amount of 40 Eur (1000 CZK) is shipping FOR FREE

In the European Union:
- is charged 10 Eur (250 CZK) include VAT
- over the amount 80 Eur (2000 CZK) is shipping 

Payment options are:

- in cash upon receipt of shipment from the Czech Post, cash on delivery is charged at 1,6 Eur (40 CZK) including VAT (only for CR)

- bank transfer IBAN CZ5320100000002900280705, SWIFT FIOBCZPPXXX, goods are dispatched after the payment is credited to our account (FOR FREE)