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Information about special materials

Prolen® Siltex

Antibacterial progressively modified polypropylene fiber Prolen ® Siltex effectively   inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria and mold . In this way,   reduces unpleasant odors , maintaining the biological balance of the skin and hygienic freshness of the product throughout the day. Material is for humans and the environment harmless.

Fiber Prolen ® Siltex was specially designed for socks , filler material shoes, bedding and such applications that require to meet high hygiene standards. Since the antimicrobial substances are applied directly on the core of the fiber and not to its surface, does not reduce the effectiveness by washing and antimicrobial agents remain in the fiber. Prolen Siltex ® is a special fiber treated with antimicrobials based on biogenic silver ions , which inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria and mold. The antibacterial effect of silver has been known for many centuries.

Compliance antimicrobial properties Prolen ® Siltex with the technical requirements of the American standard AATCC 100-1998 confirms the Chartered Institute SKTC-119. Antibacterial activity Prolen ® Siltex was also evaluated by the Institut Français Textile - Habillement according to ISO / CD 20743 - absorption method (2004).

Advansa Thermo-Cool

Advansa Thermo-Cool is a unique blend of hollow cored fibers and fibers with a longitudinally directed surface . This provides benefits that can be expected from one and the second strand at a time. The resulting fiber is optimized for low power operation.

High energy activities:   Advansa Thermo-Cool evaporates moisture faster than other materials thanks to a unique combination of fibers. Thermo-Cool fiber is designed so that it has a larger evaporating surface. Individual fibers have a directional surface texture, and are thus excellent for moisture transport. Hollow fibers have the function again in order to ensure increased circulation of air and thereby accelerate the process of evaporation.

Low-energy activities:   The hollow fibers in the blend provides lightness of the material with thermal insulating properties: it protects the user from temperature changes. It also helps prevent subsequent cold after exercise, while allowing divert excess heat away from the skin.

Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic (bamboo contains a folder called "bamboo kun", which has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making these plants protect against bacteria and fungi, and therefore the presence of bamboo fiber can destroy 70% of undesirable bacteria).

The fabric has a cooling touch, but also can keep warm. In the summer you can feel refreshed and in the winters make you warm. Bamboo fiber absorbs up to 4 times more moisture than cotton fiber and thus divert excess moisture and sweat. Due to the structure of the fiber substance is highly breathable, the skin can breathe naturally and is safe. Thanks to its softness and smoothness of bamboo products are very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Bamboo fibers are able to naturally protect the skin from UV rays . Quality bamboo products can capture approximately 90% of harmful UV rays.